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FOR.ngo is a conduit connecting Donors to Causes & Care Givers to Those in Need of Care.


FOR seeks to advance cultural, religious and ethnic harmony centered on the person of Jesus among diverse people groups.


FOR is a nonprofit public charity connecting people who care with people who have spiritual, physical, and social needs around the globe.

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Our Causes

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Al Kalima

Al Kalima

Al Kalima works to build bridges of understanding between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East by translating the Bible and supporting texts.

CRM Leaders

CRM works to create movements of committed followers of Jesus to reach the unchurched and bring lasting transformation among the poor.

Eternal Family Project

The Eternal Family Project (EFP) is a nonprofit organization, based in Honduras, that provides a forever family to orphaned children.

Beit al-Manara Center for Special Needs

Beit al-Manara

Beit al-Manara Center for Special Needs serves as a resourcing center for children and their families by providing care, training, education, and advocacy in the community and greater governate area.

The People's Language

Translating God’s word into “Runa Simi,” the people’s language of the Quechua – the largest ethnic group in South America.

Grace Village Medical Clinic

Provide medical care for people in need in the city of Clarkston, Georgia.

Tekton Career Training

Tekton exists to train and enable refugees so they can earn the credentials necessary for skilled jobs and provide for their families.

One Ummah

Gathering Muslim communities educationally, socially, and spiritually for the sake of unity, peace, and knowing God.

Dollar Fund

Our goal is $1 every month from 1 million individuals to give to 1 cause. One to a million, we can make a difference together.


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