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Building bridges between Christians and Muslims

It's no secret that there have been tensions between Muslims and Christians for centuries. Al Kalima works to build bridges of understanding between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East, and their primary method is through translation work of the Bible and supporting texts.

While many Muslims believe the Bible is an important text, most Arabic translations can be problematic. It doesn't always speak to their religious understanding of the world or use words and phrases that they can relate to. Concepts are often explained to them out of context and can lead to confusion and drive them further from the Bible.

Al Kalima

One major reason for this is that existing translations were written for the Christian minority in the Middle East, rather than the Muslim majority that makes up over 90% of the population.

Al Kalima was formed in the late 90s to help solve this problem. They recognized the cultural gaps in existing Biblical translations and the lack of useful resources for Arabs trying to understand the Bible. Since their foundation, Al Kalima has worked to provide better translations of the Bible and has translated many commentaries and devotionals by authors like John Piper and John Pollock.

Commentaries and texts were written specifically to help answer the questions many muslims have about the Bible. Al Kalima and partner organizations did extensive research to learn the questions people had about the Bible. While there are many terms we take for granted in the Christian world, they cause immense confusion in Muslim cultures. The commentaries can help explain what the Bible means by terms like 'Son of God' and 'Father' as applied to God.

Mazhar Mallouhi leads Al Kalima, and is also an author himself. Mallouhi has written and published several fictional books that provide engaging reads and underlying truths. In the same way that Jesus used parables to teach, Mallouhi uses fiction to inspire and lead people to the truth of the Scriptures.

Al Kalima has expanded their mission to not only include text, and now works to bring understanding, peace and reconciliation in the way of Jesus Christ through print, video, music, and graphic arts. If you would like to partner with Al Kalima through giving or prayer, visit their Partner With Al Kalima webpage.

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