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Empowering Leaders Across the Globe

CRM is all about empowering leaders across the globe. Founded in 1980 by people with experience in highly relational forms of discipleship ministry like Navigators and Cru. CRM, originally named Church Resource Ministries, was founded to help churches reach the surrounding culture that was changing dramatically.

The name of the organization was later shortened to CRM to reflect a widening scope of ministry. Today, CRM works to create movements of committed followers of Jesus by pioneering new ground among the unreached and unchurched, bringing lasting transformation among the poor, and mobilizing the Church for mission.

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Pioneer New Ground

There are spiritually dark places all over the world and CRM is dedicated to pioneering new ground in those areas. Some have no church presence at all, while others have a church with zero influence. Because these dark places are all over the world, they require direct relational ministry, coupled by a growing understanding of the local cultures.

CRM starts with direct relational ministry that creates opportunity and connects non-believers with believers. Training and equipping local leaders is a big part of this relational ministry. It's not always easy to convince someone to go to church, but you can usually convince them to go to lunch.

Discovery Bible Studies help introduce the Scriptures to the unreached and can transform lives. Church planting is then the third way CRM works to pioneer new ground to provide new believers and seekers a place to worship and grow in their faith. By making and training disciples in these local areas, CRM can leave a lasting impact that transforms communities.

Transformation Among the Poor

Jesus worked to bring hope to the poor, and CRM works to do the same. By forming redemptive relationships with those who have been ignored or rejected by society,
they can bring the hope of change to poor and marginalized communities.

Helping the poor isn't as simple as throwing money at the problem. CRM wants to see disciples of Christ equipped to serve and support their communities, new and better equipped churches, and business created that can provide employment and generate income.

Three distinct strategies are used. First is direct relational ministry, with staff making long-term commitments and actually living among the poor. Transformation and discipleship requires these long-term, safe relationships.

Second is Local Redemptive Initiatives and includes teams working in their locations to create networks in churches, schools, and organizations to develop strategies that bring transformation. The third strategy is to mobilize churches to work among the poor. CRM works with church leaders to re-orient and release chruches into redemptive work amongst the poor in their own neighborhoods.

Mobilizing the Church for Mission

It's important for churches to be mobilized and equipped to reach their cities and neighborhoods. While some churches have a missional view and work tirelessly to transform their communities, this is often the exception and not the rule.

CRM partner with local churches to equip and encourage them in their mission. This is first done through mentoring and coaching pastors and ministry leaders. Efforts are made to ensure this creates lasting change. Second is to partner with and cultivate church planters and leaders. Effectvie leadership is essential to create a lasting impact in unique contexts.

Third is to equip local churches to engage their communities. CRM develops long-term relationships with church leaders, provides resources, and create pathways for people to live their mission.

Global Outreach

CRM is a global outreach, with staff living and serving in 85 nations around the world. Through their Conext Partner program, they also work with affiliates in 10 different countries across the globe.

To learn more about CRM, visit their website or download their 2017 Ministry review. If you would like to partner financially with CRM and support their mission, you can do so by visiting their Giving page.