Eternal Family Project

Providing Girls in Honduras a Home

The Eternal Family Project (EFP) is a nonprofit organization, based in Honduras, that provides a forever family to orphaned children. EFP is more than just a temporary base for kids on the move, it is a permanent home that provides safety, love, spiritual leadership, balanced nutrition, bilingual education and proper healthcare for their girls. Though these efforts, they are working to break the cycle of poverty that hundreds of thousands of children in Honduras are born into.

EFP began in 2000 when Allison Alexander went on a short-term mission trip and saw firsthand the challenge many Honduran children faced in their local orphanages. In many orphanages, children receive no education beyond a basic middle school level, thus creating problems when they reach the age to be released. They are faced with limited choices, having little education and job skills. Many children left the orphanage only to return to the streets and get involved with gangs, crime, prostitution and death.

Alison eventually moved back to Honduras with her sister Abigail and friend Crista. They rented a home and invited 9 young women they had met in an orphanage to join them, and the Eternal Family Project was born.

One of the primary objectives of EFP is education. Like many places, a good education is essential for having a job in Honduras. There are girls in the program at all stages of education, with some in Elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and one even considering graduate school.

Health is another big issue for the poor and orphaned in Honduras. One story is about a girl named Abracely. She had a 30 inch waist at 2 years of age due to parasites and swelling. The doctors told Allison that she should have died, but they let Allison bring her home after a week in the hospital and she was able to nurse her back to life. Now Abracely is a happy, thriving 11 year old.

When the girls graduate from the program, they stay connected and are always part of the family. Many have grown spiritually and have committed their lives to God and been baptized. They eagerly learn more about God and His word and are able to share the love they received in EFP with others.

EFP has plans to continue growing and multiplying their success. The country is filled with children who cannot even have their basic needs met, with over 50% of the country being below the poverty line. There is a long way to go to completely break the cycle of poverty, but it has been broken for a number of growing girls.

Watch this update video from September 2018:

To join the fight for these girls and against poverty in Honduras, visit their How to Help page or you can Donate to their organization. There are multiple giving options - you can make a one-time donation, sponsor a child, or support their building fund. However you choose to help, know that you are making a difference in the lives of some wonderful girls in Honduras.