Tekton Career Training

Training and Enabling Refugees

Tekton Career Training is based in Clarkston, Georgia. Why Clarkston? Because the U.N. resettles about 2,500 refugees there each year. TIME Magazine even called it "the most diverse square mile in the country."

Many of these refugees are living below the poverty line, lacking skills and connections to get jobs that allow them to provide for their family. Not only that, it's very common to have PTSD because they've fled from very violent situations.

At the same time, there is also a high demand for skilled construction jobs in Georgia. For every 5 workers who leave the industry, only one enters. Tekton Career Training recognized the need for higher paying jobs in Clarkston and the need for skilled workers. They exist to train and enable refugees so they can earn the credentials necessary for these skilled jobs.

The name, tekton is a Greek word that means, "one who uses wood and stone in building, a builder or carpenter." The Tekton Training program offers an introductory course, followed by 9-12 month long courses that enable students to join the following trades:

  • Carpenter
  • Electricity
  • Pipefitting
  • Welding

The Tekton Career Training uses the following approach:

  1. Delivering industry based trades training leading to life-long careers
  2. Creating mentorship initiatives to enhance life and employability skills
  3. Enhancing leadership development through training and workshops
  4. Providing career placement and job readiness for long term employment

Ultimately, Tekton Career Training is about sharing hope, restoring dignity, providing opportunity, and creating friendships. If you'd like to join this mission, you can get connected and learn more about Tekton Career Training. You can also donate today to help give a refugee the skills he or she needs to provide for their family.

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